Website Content

$250 per page

Good website content is the cornerstone of effective online presence and digital marketing strategies. It not only helps in driving traffic and sales but also establishes a brand's credibility and builds lasting relationships with clients.

Landing Pages

$250 (Under 500 words)
$500 (500 - 2000 words)
$1000 (2000-4000+ words)

Crafted with direct response copy, these pages prompt immediate action and boost sales, using your vocabulary to drive conversions.


$250 (300-500 words)

Designed to collect contact information, this copy fosters client relationships, offering valuable insights for your business. Readers willingly share their names and email for ongoing wellness communications.

SEO Optimized Blogs:

$150 (1,000 - 1,500 words)

Imagine not just ranking on Google's first page but becoming the recognized wellness authority in your community.

Product Descriptions:

$75 per description

Critical for closing sales, this copy motivates readers to choose your product. Highlight what sets your products apart to entice purchases.

Email Campaigns:

$75 per email

Building trust and authority, these email sequences nurture ongoing relationships throughout the client journey. Minimum of 5 emails per campaign.

Social Media Ads:

$50 per ad

Tailored advertisements entice your ideal audience to click, directing them to opt-in or landing pages. 5 ad minimum.

Personalized Packages:

Customized packages tailored to your unique needs ensure a comprehensive approach to reaching your audience effectively.

For a detailed quote or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact me using the form below.